Don't let an explosion of an unlined radioactive waste landfill result from proposed delays for Hanford Clean-Up or inaction at the commercial rad waste landfill at Hanford (US Ecology)

A video was released by the State of Nevada of an underground explosion at a Nevada radioactive waste site operated by the same company that operates Hanford's Central Plateau area. It is unknown what was buried in the trench that experienced the explosion, or what chemicals may have been released into the air. If the waste in Hanford's own unlined radioactive waste trenches continues to be uncharacterized and untreated Washington could see similar incidents in the future.

Gerry Pollet, JD

Executive Director: Gerry serves in the Washington State Legislature, representing the 46th District. Gerry co-founded HOANW in 1987 and has since been the region's leading advocate for Hanford cleanup. Gerry is also on the faculty of the UW School of Public Health.

Washington State, usdoe  enter agreement to let High-Level Nuclear Waste tanks leak for decades to come

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High-Level Nuclear Waste Leaks

Cleanup Means
No More Dumping

High-Level Nuclear Waste Tank B-109 was clearly leaking in March 2019. But USDOE did not report the leak until April 2021.

Federal and state hazardous waste laws require leaking tanks to have liquids removed immediately or as soon as possible. 

But on August 25, 2022, USDOE and Washington Ecology announced an agreement that will let Tank B109 keep leaking for decades without any action required to remove the leakable liquids. 

As KING5 reported: 

"Hanford nuclear site: State, feds agree to allow tanks to continue leaking

"State and federal law says if a tank is leaking nuclear waste, it must be pumped immediately, but a new plan doesn't include a timeline to empty two leaking tanks."

​​Heart of America Northwest has filed a legal appeal challenging this agreement to do nothing. 

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Protect Our Children from Cancer 

USDOE's efforts to rename and abandon High-level nuclear wastes:

Heart of America Northwest's research has documented how deadly contamination leaking from High-Level Nuclear Waste tanks has spread far more rapidly towards the Columbia River than USDOE (the federal Energy Dept.) claimed was possible. Contamination seeps into the River every day at over 1,000 x Drinking Water Standards

Seattle's Magnuson Park:

For over 3 years, the Navy and Seattle Parks  covered up high levels of radioactive contamination in public areas of the park. Heart of America NW and our Director, State Rep. Gerry Pollet blew the whistle on radiation in soil & storm water pipes draining to the Lake. Click here for update on the Navy's refusal to cleanup to WA State cancer risk

levels standards. 

RaDioactive Contamination:


the Columbia River

underground explosions

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Meet Your Hanford Cleanup Advocacy Team:.

As you read this, radioactive and chemical contamination seeps into the Columbia River. Contamination levels in groundwater along the River are as high as 1,750 times Drinking Water Standards. We're leading the efforts to require USDOE to cleanup contamination along the River shorelines so they are safe for public and tribal use. 

Mark Morris, our Outreach and Education Director, has years of experience and designs our communication tools.

USDOE has issued two proposals to rename High Level Nuclear Waste, both would result in untreated waste remaining forever in leaky tanks and the soil around the tanks. First, USDOE proposed "reclassifying" High Level Waste remaining in Hanford's C Farm tanks. Then, USDOE proposed a nationwide redefinition of High Level Nuclear Wastes, which would allow USDOE to leave waste in all tanks and soil without treatment. HoA Presentation; our Jan 2019 comments; our summary of NRC's review

Monday Oct 24, 2022 5:05 PM Workshop online

 Hanford Risks, Environmental Justice

to comment on Hanford 5 Year Cleanup Plan.

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High-Level Nuclear Waste Tank B-109 has been leaking since December 2018. As of August 2022, nothing has been done to stop it. Click here for our latest fact sheet and link to email Governor Inslee to take action. 

Download ourPublic Interest Vision & Citizens' Guide for Hanford Cleanup versus USDOE's 5 Year Plan  (prepared for comment period Nov 2021, use this Guide to prepare for future meetings and comments).

Heart of America NW held webinars Sept 2021 on Hanford's leaking High-Level Waste Tank (B-109), the "SAFE" option for removing and treating waste:  Click here or on our Tank Leaks page to view our presentation, with background on Hanford's High-Level Waste Tanks
June, 2021: USDOE proposal to delay removal and treatment of thousands of illegally and dangerously stored waste containers from  Central Waste Complex (TPA Milestone 91). Click for  Heart of America NW Citizens' Guide and suggested comments
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