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Don't let an explosion of an unlined radioactive waste landfill result from proposed delays for Hanford Clean-Up or inaction at the commercial rad waste landfill at Hanford (US Ecology)

A video was released by the State of Nevada of an underground explosion at a Nevada radioactive waste site operated by the same company that operates Hanford's Central Plateau area. It is unknown what was buried in the trench that experienced the explosion, or what chemicals may have been released into the air. If the waste in Hanford's own unlined radioactive waste trenches continues to be uncharacterized and untreated Washington could see similar incidents in the future.

Gerry Pollet, JD

Executive Director: Gerry serves in the Washington State Legislature, representing the 46th District. Gerry co-founded HOANW in 1987 and has since been the region's leading advocate for Hanford cleanup. Gerry is also on the faculty of the UW School of Public Health.

more delays on the central heart of America's presentation online now!

Our presentation on proposed decades of delay to clean up Hanford's Central Plateau and the Agencies presentations, which you can use to develop and send in comments, starts at 24:30. 

USDOE wants to delay cleanup of 43 miles of unlined dirt trenches - yes, that is 43 miles. Instead of an enforceable cleanup agreement schedule, USDOE and the agencies tentatively agreed that the deadline would be "To Be Determined" after more than a decade. With your help - 500 of you commented - we won a change from an unenforceable "To Be Determined" deadline to one which is enforceable but added 18 years.

When the PUREX Tunnel collapsed in May, 2017, we pointed out that just one year previously USDOE had obtained approval from Washington State and EPA to delay cleanup on the Central Plateau, including pushing back the deadline for any plan for removing the waste from the PUREX Tunnels. 

Click for our guide to commenting on USDOE's proposal to fill the >1000 foot Tunnel 2 with cement and public hearing on Sept 5 in Seattle.

Your voice makes all the difference! Over 80% of the people who come to hearings or send in comments on Hanford -- from Seattle and Portland to Spokane and Hood River to Walla Walla -- come because of the info they receive in our acclaimed Citizens' Guides, emails, FB posts, workshops, and 2x/year update phone calls.

Heart of America Northwest's research has documented how deadly contamination leaking from High-Level Nuclear Waste tanks has spread far more rapidly towards the Columbia River than USDOE (the federal Energy Dept.) claimed was possible. Contamination seeps into the River every day at over 1,000 x Drinking Water Standards

Seattle's Magnuson Park:

For over 3 years, the Navy and Seattle Parks  covered up high levels of radioactive contamination in public areas of the park. Heart of America NW and our Director, State Rep. Gerry Pollet blew the whistle on radiation in soil & storm water pipes draining to the Lake. Click here for update on the Navy's refusal to cleanup to WA State cancer risk

levels standards. 

High-Level Nuclear Waste Leaks

RaDioactive Contamination:

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"The hidden legacy of 70 years of atomic weaponry: At least 33,480 Americans dead. Will the nation’s new nuclear age yield more unwanted fallout?" reads a McClatchy website headline. Recently, the site released an interactive webpage documenting all the cases filed for health compensation at nuclear sites, and questions the ever-present nuclear waste site theme of jobs being valued more highly than human health and physical safety. Click here to read the full story


PUREX Tunnel Collapse: Washington Ecology Hazardous Waste Permit Comment Period Aug 13 through Sept

Click here for our guide to submitting  your comments.

Public Hearing Seattle Sept 5 6:30 PM

UW Center for Urban Horticulture

Join us with partners Yakama Nation, Columbia Riverkeeper and others for a workshop in Vancouver WA on August 20 covering USDOE's scheme to rename High Level Nuclear Waste and leave 4% in Hanford's tanks.  Click here for Guide to USDOE's renaming High Level Nuclear Waste ("WIR") proposal and  Aug 20 workshop in Vancouver (WA) at the downtown public library 7 pm.

We held a workshop in Olympia on April 17 and will hold others around the region(click to view our presentation covering PUREX tunnels, Plutonium contamination from PFP demolition and USDOE plans to leave contamination along the Columbia River at the B & C Reactor Areas.

Citizens' Guide: